About the area


Benalmádena Pueblo

Benalmádena Pueblo itself is a typical Spanish White Village also known as the Old Village with lots of little quaint narrow streets paved with cobblestones.  The street beside is where the apartment is situated, on the road that leads to the church. The Pueblo offers a relaxed atmosphere and an insight into the Spanish way of life! It’s location also gives exceptionally easy access to all of the Costa’s local attractions.


Benalmádena is situated on the Costa del Sol and lies between Málaga and Fuengirola, almost an extension of Torremolinos,  situated on the side of the Sierra de Mijas by the Autovía de Mediterráneo, just 20 km from Málaga Center. There are also train and bus links to the town from Malaga, Fuengirola, Torremolinos, etc.. 

The climate is mild, varying between a minimum winter temperature of 5 degrees and 35+ in summer. 

What to do & Where to go?

Plaza España


Plaza España is the center of the village, a typical Andalusian square. Here you will find a fountain with a statue of La Niña, the symbol of Benalmádena. Around the perimeter of the square there are some lovely restaurants surrounded by orange trees. 

Church of Santo Domingo


A few minutes walk from Plaza España is the village church of Santo Domingo which sits on the edge of a hill and affords fantastic views over the coastline, 200 meters below.

Colomares Castle


Below the church is the famous Colomares Castle built in 1984 to honor Christopher Columbus and his discovery of America. The castle contains what is claimed to be the worlds smallest chapel.

Benalmádena Stupa (Buddhist Temple)


Benalmádena Stupa (Buddhist Temple) 

M103 bus.

Mariposario de Benalmádena (Butterfly Park)


Mariposario de Benalmádena 

(Butterfly Park) 

M103 bus.

La Cupula Lounge (A hidden gem)


Breathtaking views with outdoor seating. Accessed by taking the stairs down from the church of Santo Domingo. Great atmosphere, Live music.